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The scope of modifications

  • Aluminium modifications, ie. cutting covers for the housing of aluminum sheets, cutting out enlarged holes for custom windows in the sides of housings panels, making covers for graphics cards and power supplies, making custom grills for LC radiators and I/O ports, making full covers AROMR type for Motherboards (Such like in Asus Sabertooth), making supports for graphics cards to prevent buckling them in the PCIE slots (ex. for Asus Strix cards with massive and heavy non-referenced cooling).
  • Wrinkle coating (structure with facture) and coating a surface satin (chemically hardened car paint), also painting metallic and pearl lacquers from the Audi and Mercedes offer (professional dust-free paint), dielectric coating with rubber-based paints (Plastidip) on covers, ie full black mod of graphics card or full black mod of the motherboard.
  • Mods in acrylic PERSPEX (high quality casted plexiglass) such as: covers inside housing; grills; front, back and middle panels illuminated by SMD LEDs; illuminated inscriptions and logos on the sides of the housing and their interior.
  • Acrylic glass milled at the edges to make grooves, so that mounted windshield is flush with the surface of the housing side panel - uniform surface of the side without protruding or recessed elements.
  • Modifications and full custom designs of the stickers on the DDR, PSU, GPU, the sides of the casing, sponsor logos, names of the project, etc.
  • The dust filters with black organza and perforated aluminum sheet with round holes pattern or hex mesh.
  • Buckles and organizing cables - perfectly ordered and evenly routed the custom wiring bundles.
  • A full custom power supply wiring or extensions in any color and braided paracord or nylon Deluxe. The cables are made to measure for a given size of the housing and the distribution of hardware inside housing. All lengths are perfectly matched to the design concept.
  • Construction of complete LC systems, based on a hoses or of acrylic, chrome or copper tubes. Any liquid-cooled systems with full custom reservoirs with additional engraving CNC on metal tops of blocks (sponsors logos etc).
  • Housing interior illumination systems, based on SMD LEDs. Backlight behind a computer screen plus illuminated panels in workspace (desks) with IR sensors. Full control of the RGB color range from the radio or IR transmitters.

Machines and equipment

The machinery includes machines to metal cutting; benders and laser to plastics; inkjets and large format solvent printers (with laminating option) to printing on foils and plastics.

  • CNC milling machines for working in aluminum and plastics for the operating area of 700 x 1000 mm.
  • Linear heater to bending the acrylic sheets with 2mm to 10mm thick and a width of the sheet to 1 meter.
  • TROTEC SPEEDY 100 - laser cutting and engraving of acrylic sheets with a working area of 600 x 300 mm
  • Aluminum sheet bending machine for small-format and digitally controlled segment bending machines (LVD Ursviken) for large format.
  • Pillar drills and milling machines for drilling, threading, and chamfering slots mounting holes company HOLZMANN.
  • Large Format Mimaki Solvent Printer with width of the role 1500 mm and up to 20 meters long.
  • Large-format inkjet printers XEROX
  • Laminator for solvent printings. Glossy or matte UV resistant foils.
  • Modelling tools for precision works PROXXON company, Dremel, RotoZip